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New!!  Anita’s Pantry Super Hot Sauce

Trinidad Scorpion Peppers, Naga Viper Peppers make this sauce smoking hot.  It gets our highest rating- Hell Hot.  GOOD ON ANYTHING.  Put it on eggs in the morning.  Great on meats for an added kick that’ll remind you what meat is all about.  Anita’s Super Hot sauce is perfect for tacos, vegetables, meats, rice, beans, buffalo wings and more.  Anita’s Super Hot Sauce is made from garden fresh ingredients, and cooked in our own kitchen.

Each bottle is 5 oz.will last a long time because you only use a few drops of it at a time.


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Southwest Salsa and Garden Patch Salsa

Each 16oz jar of Anita’s Salsa is available in four levels of heat, choose from Mild to Hell-Hot.  All of Anita’s Salsas are made from garden fresh ingredients, and cooked in our own kitchen. Our hottest salsas are made with combinations of super hot peppers, including Trinidad Scorpion Yellow, Naga Morich, and Naga Viper. Buy a jar of Hell-Hot and a jar of Mild- mix them to get the degree of heat you want.

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Jam and Marmalade

Anita’s Jams and Marmalade are made from simple garden fresh ingredients, and cooked in our own kitchen.  They are wonderful on toast, ice cream, crackers, yogurt, oatmeal and many other uses.

Jam is made from a blend of crushed fruit and fruit puree, sugar, pectin and other ingredients to create a delicious spread.

Marmalade is made from the juice and peel of citrus fruits.   Marmalade is distinguished from jam by its inclusion of citrus peel.

Refer to the pictures when you order to see the full ingredient list.

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How delivery works

Curbside delivery: If you live within 15 miles of Midwest Karate of St Paul, we will deliver the order for free. You must have a safe place for us to leave the package and a delivery window that works for us. Please leave instructions in the comment when you place your order.

“Karate in the Park” Pick up:  Available to students of Midwest Karate of St Paul only.  We will bring the order to one of the “Karate in the Park” classes.  Use the comments section to let us know when you will pick up the order.

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