Archived Results- 2010

Test Results- November 18, 2010

Max Endorf                 S-8
George Hare                S-8
Dennis Farmer              S-7
Abdirahman Mohamed         S-6
Alex Stuart-Schield        F-7
Sagal Mohamed              F-7
Regis Vang                 S-6
Julieanne Vang             S-6
Madeline Harris            F-6
Nada Mohamed               S-5
Ben Harris                 S-5
Jim Cheeseman              S-5
Branden Stuart-Schield     F-5
Deanne Meyer               S-2
Gail Bakken                S-2
Sean Sullivan              S-1 

Test Results- September 30, 2010

Joseph Livingston          F-9
Jake Elafandi              S-8
Masa Nakamura              F-5
Yukino Nakamura            F-5
Bill Badlo                 S-3


Test Results- August 17, 2010

Regis Vang                 S-7
Julianne Vang              S-7
Stefan Funk                S-7
Philip Funk                S-7
Joe Dolson                 S-7
Janna Kysilko              S-6
Jim Cheeseman              F-6
Hiroko Kawakami            S-5
Chris Larabee              S-5
Sho Kawakami               S-4
Leona DeRango              S-3       

Test Results- June 29, 2010

Max Endorf                 S-9
Jennifer Sherman           S-7
Nancy Hakomaki             S-7

Test Results- May 18, 2010

Jackson Haugh                 S-8
Kristin Harris                S-8
Jude DeRango                  S-8
Philip Funk                   S-8
Stefan Funk                   S-8
Jorge Sanchez                 S-8
Joel Dolson                   S-8
Kris Weiser                   F-8
Janna Kysilko                 F-7
Masa Nakamura                 S-6
Yukino Nakamura               S-6
Ben Harris                    S-6
Pat Townley                   F-6
Abe Townley                   F-5
Matt Townley                  F-5
Leona DeRango                 F-4
John Wolfgram                 F-4


Test Results- April 10, 2010

Matthew Ray                 F-9               
Alex Stuart-Schield         S-7        
Abdirahman Mohamed          F-7
Sagal Mohamed               F-7
Nada Mohamed                S-6           
Branden Stuart-Schield      S-5
Bill Badlo                  F-4                
Michael Ching               F-3
Max Reagen                  S-1


Test Results- February 25, 2010

George Hare                 F-9
Phillip Funk                F-9
Stefan Funk                 F-9
Thao Vang                   F-9               
Julianne Vang               S-8
Torri Xiong                 S-8
Dale Barta                  S-8
Dennis Farmer               S-8
Regis Vang                  S-8        
Masa Nakamura               F-7
Yukino Nakamura             S-7           
Suzy Zahradka               S-6         
Jemma Zahradka              S-6          
Keely Franke                S-4                
Sean Sullivan               S-2

Test Results- January 16, 2010

Riley Barta                 S-9
Jackson Haugh               S-9
Skye Vang                   S-9               
Nancy Hakomaki              S-8
Jennifer Sherman            S-8         
Pat Townley                 S-6         
Leona DeRango               S-5         
Abe Townley                 S-5
Matt Townley                S-5         
Trevor Killeen              S-3
Sarah Reagen                S-3

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