Archived Results- 2011

Test Results- December 3, 2011

Maddie Percic              S-9
Tre Figgs                  S-9
Subashri Buck              S-8
Spencer Brusletten         S-7
Elizabeth Weyer            S-6
Abdirahman Mohamed         S-5
Sagal Mohamed              S-5
Dawson Smith               S-5
Senya Simpson-Christianson S-5
Sonny Singh                F-2

Test Results- October 13, 2011

Cecilia Rodriquez          S-9
Joshua Avila               S-8
Guinevere Lynch            S-8
Janelle Bohrod             S-8
Jennifer Sanchez           S-8
Joe Weyer                  S-7
Kevin Lynch                F-7
Andy O'Connor              F-6
Sean O'Connor              F-6
Stephan Funk               F-6
Dan O'Connor               F-6
Joseph Livingston          S-6
Kelly Pearson              S-6
Philip Funk                S-6
Brandon Stuart-Scheid      S-4
Michael Ching              S-1
Deanne Meyer               S-1

Test Results- August 30, 2011

Alex Pike                  S-9
Jonathan Geerlings         F-9
Jasmine Geerlings          S-9
Jeffrey Geerlings          S-9
Denise Ring                S-8
Emily Moon                 S-8
Ann Iacarella              S-7
Franklin Zaske             S-7
Spencer Ring               S-7
Elizabeth Weyer            F-7
Johnna Pangelian           F-7
Jennifer Sherman           F-7
Dave Smith                 S-5
Dawson Smith               F-6
Sonny Singh                F-2

Test Results- July 15, 2011

Kevin Lynch                F-8
Spencer Brusletten         S-8
Kelly Pearson              S-7
Forrest Close              S-5
Hiroko Kawakami            F-5
Yukino Nakamura            S-3
Bill Badlo                 F-3

Test Results- May 27, 2011

Max Wallis                 S-9
Alex Wallis                S-9
Anna Freed                 S-9
Joshua Avila               S-9
Virginia Weyer             S-8
Joe Weyer                  S-8
Elizabeth Weyer            F-8
Spencer Ring               S-8
Eric Byerly                S-7
Joseph Livingston          S-7
Nancy Hakomaki             S-6
Dennis Farmer              S-6
Madeline Harris            F-5
Branden Stuart-Scheild     F-5
Masa Nakamura              S-3


Test Results- April 14, 2011

Guinevere Lynch            S-9
Spencer Brusletten         S-9
Subashri Buck              S-9
Laurie Nagle               S-8
Sam Weegman                S-8
Forest Close               S-6
Mike Revoir                S-5
Chris Larabee              S-4
Sho Kawakami               S-3
Luke Battles               S-2
Deanne Meyer               F-2


Test Results- March 3, 2011

Virginia Weyer             S-9
Elizabeth Weyer            S-9
Eric Byerly                S-8
Kelly Pearson              S-8
Kirsten Harris             S-7
Dawson Smith               S-6
Sagal Mohamed              S-6
Alex Stuart-Scheild        S-6
Dave Smith                 F-6
Patrick Townley            S-5
Yukino Nakamura            S-4
Leona DeRango              F-2


Test Results- January 13, 2011

Spencer Ring               S-9
Bobby Fraser               S-9
Joseph Livingston          S-8
Joe Dolson                 S-6
Gary Zahradka              S-5
Susan Zahradka             F-6
Jemma Zahradka             F-6
Senya Simpson-Christianson F-6
Patrick Townley            F-6
Masa Nakamura              F-4
Michael Ching              S-2
Luke Battles               F-3

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