Archived Results- 2016

Test Results- September 30, 2016

Ryu Lor                  S-9
Carlina Lor              S-9 
Andy Lor                 F-8
Ben Gustafson            S-8
Ryan LeClair             S-4
Lossom Allen             S-4
Theron Loeffler          S-2

Test Results- August 19, 2016

Connor Lee               S-9
Alex Lee                 F-9
Theo Zinos               F-8
Madyson Holmes           S-8
Thano Zinos              S-8
Lian Callistus           F-8
Roman Harrington         S-7
Kassandra Avila          F-7
Nico Zinos               S-7
Paulina Hackett-Medina   F-7
Fran Hernandez           F-6
Diego Hernandez          F-6
Abdirahman Yunis         S-5
Katherine Williamson     S-4
Noam Poisson             F-4
Austin Wilson            S-3

Test Results- June 3, 2016

Maxwell Gorden Mercer    S-8
Deborah Anderson         F-8
Matthew Craft            S-7
Amy Weed                 S-6
Eleanor Heiman           F-7
Jay Bridley              S-6
Mario Schullian          S-6
Abdirahman Yunis         F-6
Abdullahi Yunis          F-6
Jamime Delzer            S-2
Abdirahman Mohamed       S-1
Sagal Mohamed            F-1

Dan Test Results- April 30, 2016

Dawn Crook             1st Kyu
Hiroko Kawakami        Shodan
Ruby Sanchez           Shodan
Luis Garcia            Shodan
Ben Shaffer            Shodan
Andy O'Connor          Shodan
Abbey Sanchez          Shodan
Sean O'Connor          Shodan
Pam Sanchez            Shodan
Bob Young              Shodan
Chris Anderson         Shodan
Masa Nakamura          Nidan
Yukino Nakamura        Nidan

Test Results- April 15, 2016

Madyson Holms            S-9
Thanos Zinos             S-9
Theo Zinos               F-9         
Nico Zinos               S-8
Kassandra Avila          S-8
Zahera Al-Kordi          S-8
Logan Jones              S-8
Roman Harrington         S-8
Paulina Hackett-Medina   F-8
Luis Gonzalez            S-7
Diego Hernandez          F-7
Fran Hernandez           F-7
August Zhu               F-7
Erika Garcia             F-6
Noam Poisson             S-5
Fabian Mejia             S-5
Ryan LeClair             S-5
Maria Hernandez          S-5
Lossom Allen             S-5
Ivan Byerly              F-4
Peter Solheid            S-3
Kaya Solheid             S-3
Luna Garcia              F-3

Test Results- March 4, 2016

Cedar Kinstler              S-9
Katherine Williamson        S-5
Zaid Yunis                  S-5
Emmett Hauwiller            F-2

Test Results- January 15, 2016

Zahera Al-Kordi             F-9
Kassandra Avila             F-9
Paulina Hackett-Medina      F-9
Logan Jones                 F-9
Roman Harrington            F-9
August Zhu                  F-8
Abdikarim Yunis             S-7
Karen Nakamura              F-2

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