Archived Results- 2012

Test Results- December 15, 2012

Ekin Vang                     S-9
Kang-Ta Vang                  S-8
Rylan Palmersheim             S-8
Mimi Yamamoto                 S-8
Luis Garcia                   F-8 
Colin Palmersheim             S-7
Alex Pike                     S-7
Deborah Percic                S-7
Virginia Weyer                S-7
Wil Pike                      S-6
Megan Smith                   S-6
Stephan Funk                  S-4
Philip Funk                   S-4
Ben Harris                    S-3
Madeline Harris               S-3


Test Results- November 17, 2012

Patricia Anderson             S-8
Diasiab Xiong                 S-7
Teng Xiong                    S-7
Tony Thell                    S-7
Joseph Thell                  S-7
Emmett Hauwiller              S-7 
Josiah Coleman                S-6
Jennifer Sanchez              S-6
Joe Weyer                     S-5
Denise Ring                   S-5
Joshua Avila                  S-5
Joseph Livingston             S-5
Andy O'Connor                 F-4
Dan O'Connor                  F-4
Abdirahman Mohamed            S-4
Elizabeth Weyer               S-4
Sagal Mohamed                 S-4
Sean O'Connor                 S-4
Kelly Pearson                 S-4
Nancy Hakomaki                S-4
Brandon Stuart-Shield         F-4
Carl Kahlstorf                F-4
Forrest Close                 S-3
Nada Mohamed                  S-3
Leona DeRango                 S-1
Yukino Nakamura               S-1
Bill Badlo                    F-2
Masa Nakamura                 F-1

Test Results- September 20, 2012

Karen Nakamura             F-8
Megan Smith                S-7
Taylor Meier               S-7
Sho Kawakami               S-1

Test Results- July 27, 2012

Alyssa Carlson             S-9
Rylan Palmersheim          S-9
Charlene Hauwiller         S-8
Tony Thell                 F-8
Colin Palmersheim          S-8
Bobby White                S-8
Joe Thell                  F-8
Ashton Madigan             S-8
Emmitt Hauwiller           S-8
Alex Pike                  F-8
Wil Pike                   S-7
Nicole Phillips            S-7
Josiah Coleman             F-7
Jennifer Sanchez           F-7
Kelly Pearson              F-5
Nancy Hakomaki             F-5
Abdirahman Mohamed         F-5

Test Results- June 1, 2012

Evan Hansen                S-9
Maddie Percic              S-8
Tyler Smith                S-8
Ismael Rios                S-8
Mikayla Swanson            S-8
Kenna Wallace              S-8
Madelyn Wallace            S-8
Daisab Xiong               F-8
Teng Xiong                 S-8

Alex Friedrich             F-8
Gani Ali                   F-8

Subashri Buck              S-7
Deborah Percic             F-8
Laurie Nagle               F-8
Erin Young                 F-8
Ramona Mahboob             S-7
Joshua Avila               S-6
Denise Ring                S-6


Test Results- April 12, 2012

Kang-Ta Vang               S-9
Tony Thell                 S-9
David May                  S-9
Joseph Thell               F-9
Ashton Madigan             S-9
Karen Nakamura             F-9
Josiah Coleman             F-8
Taylor Meier               S-8
Megan Smith                S-8
Nicol Phillips             S-8
Wil Pike                   S-8
Darius Mikroberts          S-7
Joe Weyer                  S-6
Suzanne Hansen             S-5
Philip Funk                S-5
Elizabeth Weyer            F-5
Stephan Funk               S-5
Dawson Smith               S-4
Dave Smith                 S-4
Nada Mohamed               S-4
Carl Kahlstorf             S-4


Test Results- March 3, 2012

Colin Palmersheim          S-9
Charlene Hauwiller         S-9
Madeline Wallace           S-9
Ismael Rios                S-9
Kenna Wallace              S-9
Emmett Hauwiller           S-9
Riley Barta                S-8
Alex Pike                  S-8
Guinevere Lynch            S-7
Jennifer Sanchez           S-7
Kevin Lynch                F-6
Alex Stuart-Schield        S-5
Nancy Hakomaki             S-5
Kelly Pearson              F-5
Dan O'Connor               F-5
Andy O'Connor              F-5
Sean O'Connor              F-5
Bill Badlo                 S-2
Yukino Nakamura            F-2
Masa Nakamura              F-2


Test Results- January 14, 2012

Diasiab Xiong              F-9
Teng Xiong                 F-9
Hayli Schmieg              S-9
Josiah Coleman             F-9
Mikayla Swanson            F-9
John Schmieg               S-9
Tyler Smith                S-9
Cecelia Rodriquez          S-8
Ramona Mahboob             S-8
Deborah Percic             S-8
Daurius Mikroberts         S-8
Joshua Avila               S-7
Denise Ring                S-7
Kristen Harris             S-6
Spencer Ring               S-6
Karl Kahlstrof             F-5
Janna Kysilko              S-5
Joseph Dolson              S-5
Forrest Close              S-4
Ben Harris                 S-4
Madeline Harris            S-4
Hiroko Kawakami            S-4
Sho Kawakami               F-2

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