Archived Results- 2013

Test Results- December 12, 2013

Jocelyn Velez               F-9
Aiden Stauffer              F-9
Tatyana Jones               S-9
Ella Walters                F-9
Ekin Vang                   S-8
Ruby Sanchez                F-7
Abby Sanchez                S-7
Pam Sanchez                 F-7
Kang-Ta Vang                S-7
Luis Garcia                 F-6
Reiva Denk                  F-6
Karen Nakamura              S-5
Megan Smith                 F-5 
Andy O'Connor               F-3
Dan O'Connor                F-3
Sean O'Connor               F-3
Joseph Livingston           F-4
Nada Mohamed                F-3

Test Results- October 19, 2013

Kalia Xiong                 S-9
Randy McClendon             S-9
Niko Solheid                S-9
Chris Williams              S-8
Theo Johansen               S-8
Alex Lee                    S-8
Russell Lee                 F-8
Rylan Palmersheim           S-7
Victor Lee                  S-7
Kaya Solheid                F-7
Spencer Brusletten          S-6
Colin Palmersheim           S-6
Emmett Hauwiller            S-5
Teng Xiong                  S-5
Daisiab Xiong               S-5
Jennifer Sanchez            F-6
Suzanah McCarthy            F-4
Kelly Pearson               F-4
Nancy Hakomaki              F-4
Hiroko Kawakami             S-3
Joshua Avila                S-3
Abdirahman Mohamed          S-3
Sagal Mohamed               S-3
Bill Badlo                  S-1

Test Results- September 6, 2013

Ruby Sanchez                  F-8
Ivan Byerly                   S-8
Abbey Sanchez                 S-8
Pamela Sanchez                F-8
Reiva Denk                    F-7
Peter Solheid                 S-7
Joseph Thell                  S-6
Tony Thell                    S-6


Test Results- June 14, 2013

Chris Williams                S-9
Russell Lee                   F-9
William Henning               S-9
Alex Lee                      F-9
Jeremy Meier                  F-9  
Victor Lee                    S-8
Michael Bester                F-8
Emmett Hauwiller              S-6
Kenna Wallace                 S-6
Madelyn Wallace               S-6
Josiah Coleman                S-5
Megan Smith                   S-5


Test Results- April 25, 2013

Abbey Sanchez                 S-9
Pamela Sanchez                F-9
Ruby Sanchez                  S-9
Nou Ching Thao                S-9 
Tonto Abraham                 S-8
Reiva Denk                    F-8
Kaya Solheid                  F-8
Mimi Yamamoto                 S-7
Ramona Mahboob                S-6
Daisiab Xiong                 S-6
Karen Nakamura                S-6
Teng Xiong                    S-6
Theron Loeffler               S-5
Wil Pike                      F-6
Joe Dolson                    S-4
Joshua Avila                  S-4
Joseph Livingston             S-4
Suzannah McCarthy             F-4
Brandon Stuart-Schield        F-4
Bill Badlo                    F-2


Test Results- March 16, 2013

Ernesto Espinoza              S-9
Christian Xiong               F-9
Theo Johansen                 S-9 
Michael Bester                S-8
Luis Garcia                   F-7
Janelle Bohrod                S-7
Maddie Percic                 S-7
Mary Corrigan                 S-6
Kristen Harris                F-6
Megan Smith                   F-6
Tom Corrigan               Sandan


Test Results- February 2, 2013

Ivan Byerly                   S-9
Gregory Edwards               S-9
Evan Corrigan                 S-9
Kaya Solheid                  F-9 
Sean Corrigan                 S-8
Harrison Edwards              S-8
Peter Solheid                 S-8
Karen Nakamura                F-7
Nicol Phillips                F-7
Ramona Mahboob                F-7

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