Biographical Articles

Black Belts tie this family together
Anita Bendickson-“Toughness comes in a small package.”
Master Robert Fusaro.
Master Hidetaka Nishiyama dies at age 80

General Articles

A short history of Traditional Karate.
MKA of St.Paul- New Life Kicked into Funeral Home.
20 Lessons of Master Funakoshi.
Surprise Kick wins Karate Team Title.

Technical Articles

Overview of Kicking Techniques in Shotokan
Overview of Body Dynamics in Shotokan


Personal Safety Tips
How to Choose a Self- Defense course.

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Sensei Joel Ertl and Sensei Anita Bendickson bring top level instruction in the art of traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate right into your living room. Learn what karate students from all over the world have discovered and start improving your karate today!

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