Test Results- September 22, 2017

Dan Exam Results:

Abdirhaman Mohamed              Shodan

Zaytun Stoffels
F - 9
Shukri Stoffels
F - 9
Sam Kruck
S - 8
Grayson Helgeson
S - 8
Ivan Pham
S - 7
Katrina Pham
F - 7
Andre Pereria
F - 7
Andy Lor
F - 5
Paulina Hacket-Medina
S - 4
Kassandra Avila
S - 4
Lian Callistus
F - 4
Trevor Killeen
S - 1
Abdirahman Mohamed
- - Shodan
Michael Ching
- - Nidan
Bob Young
- - Nidan

What do these results mean?

An “S” or Semi, is considered average for that level.
An “F”, or Full, indicates that the student was better than average for that level.

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